Photopatches and embroidered patches:

These drawings have been digitised then embroidered, with the photo heat pressed onto a feel-good fabric patch wallet.

Approx 140x111 mm: No minimum order.

Khaki in colour with embroidered edging:

Your colour choice: Red-White-Blue or Black:




TOP SECRET CODE: For your eyes only.


 UniformBadge:                                                                                                                                                                                       Made for Daddy, to iron on his jacket and think of us, every time he puts it on, as he is a Remote Area Medic.  Saving peoples lives on oil rigs many miles away.


  childs drawing      embroidered patch 

Keep this in your pocket Daddy and it will keep u safe xx



An embroidered tribute; to my Brave Uncle, who was my hero and guiding light. 


 photo  digitized photo 

Having so much fun in the; Fin-mobile camper-van. Embroidered bedding, was in order.




It's lovely to share our smiles:                                                                                                                                                                                                       By -Having a cushion'y-squashy-hang'y-up'py-thing'y that smell nice xx


Photo's digitised to embroidered lineart:

 color photo    

Hi Bro, hope you don't mind this embroidered mug shot, at least it can be washed, LOL xx

    Photo's to "photopatches" or Embroidered LineArt.

   photo patch     

Sorry; about the drawing Mum, it was my first attempt, love you. xx

All photopatches have white backgrounds with embroidered edges, approx 80x100 mm,

just select your edging colour: Red-White-Blue or Black:

     precious photo patch

   Smiles for the MAN, to be Safe.

    photo shield

            Missing you Daddy xx.

  Front      Back

  photo badge

A new arrival, fighting for life. While Daddy is 6.000 miles away fighting for Freedom.



 Message on back of patch.


                                  Submitted by a friend   




A tribute to the Gurkhas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    





 My ethos; is for people to share their smiles and happiness, in an Individual and Personal way.

 I hope your Nearest and Dearest can enjoy this new experience.

Best wishes from: