Christmas, Birthday, New born: cards. Tableware and wall Art.

Embroidered Cards & Patches:                         












Birthday Patchz-Special Occasion Patchz-Valentines Patchz-Newborn Baby Patchz

Momento Patchz-Bark Art Patchz-Business Card Patchz.

Love U Patchz-   Miss U Patchz.


Anything you can think of Patchz, as a special gift or present.

Set in a Picture frame.or not.

   Velvet cloth background in Black, White, Green, Red or Yellow.


You name it and I will try and get it.

No minimum order.

       No Glass, as this allows for the true depth of the embroidery to be;

                       seen and felt.                

Birthday Patchz:

              birthday patch     special occasion patch    anniversary patch  

BarkArt Patchz:

Picture frames:have their own natural unique shape. Approx 27cm Dia.    


      B-17 tribute Patch:                                                                                           


B-17 Waist Gunners; A Tribute Patch:             


Personalised Place mats:


Wall banners:










  Fonts, Fabric and Thread Colours; can be sorted on enquire.